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BOLD WOMEN-Felicia Benzo


Founder & CEO, C.A.T.A.L.Y.S.T. Global Youth Initiatives, Inc.

Felicia Benzo created CATALYST Global Youth Initiatives, Inc. 501c3 , 2010 in Deltona, Florida, to inspire children/ youth to greatness. They offer programs for children that include self-development, health, social engagement, civic awareness, physical fitness and cultural/social diversity and career interest/ preparation.

Being the oldest of 4, Felicia endured the hardships of poverty growing up in NYC. Sometimes with very little food and utilities being shut off while her mother worked seemingly endless hours and not being able to attend a lot of the afterschool events or accomplishments of her children. Felicia, was often the caretaker of her younger siblings, in recieving letters from school and signing report cards.

She now has a MD degree, has written 2 books on parenting, become a motivational speaker, conference speaker, and a mentor. But the achievement she deems her greatest of all is a mother of four successful sons and a grandmother of ten.

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