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My Dear friends!! Thank you

I want to thank all those that have helped this week to save a life in distress. Lorrane, Lynn Hoganson, Peter, Janet, Josephine Mercado, Ruth Gomez, Tere, Patricia, Volusia County Sheriffs Legal Department, The Staff at the Court House in the eviction department, Florida Fish Case management Mollie, George at the maintenance department of the complex the gentleman was living in. So many were compelled by the story.

‘This week has been a very emotional, humbling week for me and some friends that will be etched to my heart forever.

Sometimes we don’t pay attention to our neighbors and some people suffer from hunger and illnesses that could be helped by just a caring hand.

So here is my humbling story: One of my FB friends knows that I would do everything in my power to help someone in need.

She saw a post of another friend about a gentleman that is very sick, disabled and facing eviction. She was very upset by reading the post and decided to help the person that had made the post. She sent me a message on Sunday night to see if I could help, but gave very few details. Monday I was busy and I did not call her friend. Tuesday she sent me another message early in the morning and with my apologetic message to her I went into action.

To make the long story short the gentleman is now in a facility that will help him improve his health and he will no longer go hungry. His belongings are safe in storage. And hopefully he will have family that will be able to care for him now.

My prayers are for God to continue to protect him by making sure the people he sends to him will cover him with love. No one with disabilities like his should be alone to fend for themselves.

I want to thank God for giving us the opportunity to be his servants here on earth. To do his work.

Please make sure your neighbors are okay by checking on them once in awhile.

Love you all!! ️ ️ ️ ️

Dolores Guzman

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