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How COVID19 Exposes Tallahassee’s Neglect

Covid19 is not why Florida’s Unemployment System broke. It just put a broken system into the spotlight. One that was designed to fail when former Governor, now Senator Rick Scott was in office and one that current Governor Ron DeSantis knew about when he took office but did nothing about.

Florida ranks dead last in processing and paying applicants their Re-employment benefits compared to the rest of country including states that have been more impacted by the coronavirus. The application process alone has been time consuming, due to busy phone lines, a slow/glitchy website and a difficult navigation layout. Florida also only pays a maximum of $275 a week, no matter how much your income is. This is much lower than many other states. You could almost assume that the state of Florida wants to deter you from even trying to get approved.

In 2013, the state paid a total of $77.9 million to Deloitte to rebuild the state’s unemployment website. Governor DeSantis recently said, “There were a bunch of issues when this thing was launched, it’s not the same issues CONNECT faces now. This is a capacity issue that just seemed to be something that no one paid attention to.”

However, in September of 2015, The Sun Sentinel reported Florida's unemployment benefits 'virtually inaccessible,' study finds. Many other papers around the same time, reported on this too, so people were obviously paying attention. Why wasn’t Tallahassee paying attention then?

We must do better for the citizens of this state. That is why I am running. To help our campaign, please donate:

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