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I won my seat as Commisioner of the West Volusia Hospital Authority in 2018 and I have the ability to win again. But I need help.

I am a Democratic State House Candidate in Florida, District 27, who is on the ballot because I, my staff, and our volunteers went door to door, visited events, friends, and family in our district. We got over 1300 petition signatures so that I would not have to pay to be on the ballot like my Republican Candidate Competitors have done. I do not make or have a lot of money, but I know the rewards of hard work and I’m willing to work even harder to better our community.

However, I am being told that the reason big donors will not give me money is because I am not “raising” enough money. Does that make any sense?

I have kept my staff small but they wear many hats. We have amazing volunteers and we hit the ground running in November 2019, planning, organizing and making calls.

PLEASE, if you can, DONATE to our campaign. Even a little can help a lot. THANKYOU!

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